More than adhering to legality, compliance means returning to the spirit of the greater good, working in community, and constantly rethinking ethics in such a way that we respect the rights of all sentient beings on this earth.

-Daniel Medina, FICA

Community FINCCOM ("CF“) Was born in 2017 after the need to unite Compliance Officers and specialists in the areas of Money Laundering Prevention and Terrorist Financing, Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance, and related areas, with the common goal of sharing and exchange high-value discussions, in an environment of professionalism, respect, ethics and tolerance.

If you want to be part of the CF and contribute your knowledge to strengthen the Compliance profession in Mexico, This opportunity is for you!

Being part of the CF gives you incredible benefits from accessing the exclusive content of FINCCOM, write specialized content, attend Webinars, belong to our select group on Telegram, have priority access to all the free events of FINCCOM and our allies, until we can participate as a volunteer in our actions with a social cause, without forgetting that every day you will have on your cell phone the most relevant news on GRC topics.

Remember that when you sign up, your commitment is also to help strengthen the exchange of ideas. The value of the Community is what its members contribute.

If you want to be part of the Community FINCCOM, just complete the form and a team representative will contact you to process your registration, as well as provide you with your Welcome Letter. In turn, you will receive in your email the link to access the site of FINCCOM.

Each member is governed by the Code of ethics de FINCCOM and failure to adhere to these principles will cause immediate expulsion from the Community.

Community Rules

  1. Disrespect / ethics are not allowed.
  2. Sending 'Spam', 'Memes', and material NOT related to GRC is not allowed.
  3. The use of the CF as a sales platform is not allowed. Although the publication of GRC events is allowed, discretion and moderation are requested.
  4. For the healthy development of the Community, it is strictly forbidden to touch on (1) political and (2) religious issues.
  5. The use of the data of the members of the Community will be governed by the 'Privacy Notice' of FINCCOM, and any improper use by its members will be treated in accordance with current legislation.

Check our Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Check our Privacy Notice.

Member Application

Upon receipt of your request, a representative of the Community FINCCOM will review it, and within a period not exceeding 24 business hours you will receive the result of your application. If your application is successful, you will gain access to the FINCCOM and you will be added to our chat on Telegram.

A representative may contact you to request more information.